Refining the sun

Harvest solar power off-grid and collect remuneration from the Bitcoin blockchain without a grid connection!

Holistic energy use

At our German sites in Bavaria and Thuringia, we work off-grid, i.e. we do not draw our electricity from the public grid, but use only solar power we have harvested ourselves from our storage facilities.

At the in Thuringia, we are constantly expanding our solar areas and increasing our storage capacities on a regular basis. We are working on projects to use the waste heat generated by the Asic miners. The drying of medicinal herbs, the indoor breeding of edible fish or vertical farming for aquaponics and hydroponics require heat, which is available as a waste product on our farm. In focus - the cultivation of spirulina algae at a water temperature of 38 degrees.

Current number of employees (workers): 43

Current number of spirulina cultures: 15 liters

Current number of employees (human): 1

Our Youtube channel

Our YouTube channel provides regular updates on our construction and project progress. We publish news and participate in Spaces on Twitter.

Bitcoin Conference in Innsbruck

2023 for the first time at the BTC in Innsbruck

We had our own information stand at the Bitcoin Conference in Innsbruck for the first time. Over 200 conversations in three days. Super bullish!

Messestand der Green Bitoin Farm in Innsbruck auf der BTC Konferenz

New e-mail address for startup investors

e-mail Adresse für Startup Investoren der Green Bitcoin Farm

We are delighted to receive your inquiries about investment opportunities in the Green Bitcoin Farm and have now set up a dedicated e-mail address for this purpose. If you have a basic understanding of Bitcoin, our other topics are renewable energy, heat efficiency, indoor farming, algae and superfood as well as the reactivation of old commercial properties.

We look forward to a first contact at

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Die ersten Spirulina Algen die indoor mit 35 Grad Temperatur bei der Green Bitcoin Farm vermehrt wurden.

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refines solar energy into digital gold at five locations.

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